Bacon Peanut Butter Dog Treats (All-Natural)


There are so many ways to treat your best friend these days, especially here in the town where I live in North Carolina, in which in every major shopping plaza there are doggie salons, shops, and best of all: doggie bakeries. Stocked with freshly baked dog treats, biscuits, cookies, and even cupcakes, it’s so tempting to pick out a bag full of goodies to take home to pup. To save yourself the expense of purchasing fresh and natural doggie snacks, I’m excited to share this easy and cheap recipe to treat your pet at home!

With the unbeatable combination of peanut butter and bacon, there is no way any normal dog can say no to these adorable treats! The recipe uses all-natural, healthy ingredients that are safe for dogs* to eat, and my own pup (pic below) absolutely loved them! I recommend these treats to any dog owner who wants to treat their pal in a healthy, homemade way.


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Caramel Apple Hand Pies


These mini-hand pies are absolutely the most adorable desserts that have yet to leave my oven. Its true that pies are nothing new in the world of savory treats, especially during the long winter months when a hot slice of pie is the perfect way to end your day. And in theory, mini-pies are just a smaller version of the delectable, popular American dessert. But yesterday afternoon when I finally took a bite of the freshly-baked goodies, I was was sent into the wonderful bliss of pie heaven.

Although these pies are mini, they are packed full with a whole array of delicious flavors. Stuffed with melted caramel and baked apples, the pies are held together with a buttery, flaky crust and dusted with cinnamon, sea salt and raw sugar. Although the assembly process takes some serious time and patience, I encourage anyone and everyone to take an afternoon to make a batch of these mini-pies. Cute, tasty, and sure to impress your guests, these pies are no doubt worth the effort!

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DIY Centerpieces: Yarn-Wrapped Vases


I am always looking for easy, budget-friendly decor pieces that I can do myself. Vases are perfect items to have around the house, not just because they are pretty, but because they can be used for almost any occasion. Whether to use as a decor piece to put on your mantle or table, or to feature as the centerpieces at a wedding or party, vases are pretty much essential for any household.

These DIY vases are total cuteness, and use items that you probably have lying around the house anyways! With a few empty wine or beer bottles, a few yards of yarn and twine, and a hot-glue gun: Voila! You now have the perfect centerpiece to show off that pretty arrangement from Trader Joe’s!

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Color Inspiration Board {Garden Romance}

— Welcome to my first ever Inspiration Board! Although this is a deviation from my normal food & travel-oriented posts, I decided to merge my ‘actual job’ and my personal blog to share this inspiration I put together. If you all enjoy this board and would like to see more, please leave me a comment! I would love to make this a weekly series! —

Although we are still in the midst of winter (and I’m about to head out on a skiing trip this weekend), I’m already having wishful dreams about warm spring weather. The thought of the beautiful, colorful flowers that will soon dot gardens and yards inspired this board!

My favorite of Pantone’s choice 2015 colors is tangerine, as it is such a warm color that can be used in any season. Tangerine can pair perfectly with rich sangria and a variety of pink tones for any springtime bash. This combination creates a vibrant and fun palette that will turn any wedding into a romantic garden party no one will forget!

Color Inspiration 1

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{ring box: The Mrs. Box | invitations: onelove Photography  |  bride & bridesmaids: Southern Wedding | table setting: Two Pair Photography | bridesmaid: KC Photography}

Chocolate Fudge Yogurt Cookies


When you think of a gooey, chocolate-filled dessert, the word ‘healthy’ does not often come to mind. If you are looking for a way to indulge in a chocolate cookie that won’t completely derail your New Year’s healthy eating resolution, this recipe might be the perfect one. Instead of using the more popular oil or butter, these delicious cookies are full of protein-heavy greek yogurt.

I admit that I was a little nervous to try this recipe, as it didn’t seem plausible that a substitute of yogurt for the traditional butter would turn out as well. I was delighted to find out that I had been unnecessarily worried. These cookies are everything a great chocolate cookie should be: rich, gooey, fluffy- these cookies don’t taste ‘healthy’ at all.


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Hot Crab and Cheesy Artichoke Dip


Although crab dip is usually associated with summer barbecues and Fourth of July parties, there is nothing better than a hot dip to munch on when its cold outside. Cheesy, gooey, rich and flavorful, this crab and artichoke dip is the perfect appetizer to serve at any get together, or Super Bowl party, during this cold season.

The dip is easy to make (only taking about 30 min total) and the ingredients are not hard to find. To cut back the overall cost, go for artificial crab meat, which is what I ended up using in this version. Although its not the same as the real deal, the meat is still tasty and pairs perfectly with those artichoke hearts. Serve the dip with a variety of crackers and toast, and be ready to chow down!

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Baked Pears with Cranberries, Pecans, and Honey


One of my favorite desserts growing up was my mom’s traditional poached pears. Every winter she will receive huge boxes of the perfect Royal Riviera pears from Harry & David, a few of which are always reserved for her amazing after-dinner treats. Although I love poached pears, I decided to branch out a little this weekend by trying a new recipe with my friend Anna. We stuffed the pears with cranberries and pecans, drizzled them with honey, and baked them into these heavenly pear desserts.

Elegant enough to serve at any dinner party, and as sweet and delicious as any cake, these pretty baked pears are the perfect winter dessert. Friends and family will admire your culinary skills- not knowing just how easy they are to make!


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